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2023 Chinese School Registration

Please register 2023 class with this registration link. If you would like to learn more about Chinese School and its 2023 class schedule, click on the link here.

2023 Vacation Bible School|Stellar

Whether we are feeling happy, when life is dark, or when we see someone in need of assistance, we learned to shine His light!

We had an AMAZING VBS program this year from August 10-12; you can say it was STELLAR! Our theme this year was STELLAR where we explored how to shine Jesus’ light through our emotions.

We have so blessed to have served beside such amazing volunteers that guided and helped kids learn through each station. This program could not have been done without the help of the church.

As the body of Christ, we will teach and prepare the next generation of Christians. No matter what happens to them as they grow up, we pray that they remember to SHINE! JESUS’! LIGHT!

Let us go and shine a light on Jesus’ love!