Chinese School’s Chongyang Festival Climbing Activity


The Chinese School affiliated to the Chinese Christian Church in Rhode Island was established 42 years ago, in view of the fact that the next generation of Chinese families in North America could learn Chinese and inherit Chinese culture. In the 40 plus years since the establishment of the school, it has not only benefited the next generation of many Chinese, but also provided an opportunity for many students of non-Chinese speaking groups to learn Chinese Language and understand Chinese culture.

Our teaching approach is to try to fully stimulate students’ interest in Chinese culture in a limited teaching time, so that they can have an eager heart to study and learn this most beneficial tool of Chinese culture – Mandarin Language.

Our teachers teach our students with full love, rich experience, and selfless spirit.

Our teaching is mainly in Mandarin and Simplified Chinese. At the same time, we often have opportunities to also expose students to traditional Chinese.

Classes are held on every Sunday at 1:45 pm during school months, at the Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island.

To pay tuition, please go on Church Donation link and select Chinese School Registration as the option of “To:” drop list.


2023 Class Schedule