2017 Sunday School Program: God’s Faithfulness in the Life of Daniel.


The book of Daniel assures God’s people that their situation in exile would not be permanent, that God would keep his promise to Abraham, he would keep his promise through Jeremiah the prophet that they would return after 70 years. And he would also keep his promise that the Jews would still be the channel through which all nations would be blessed. The book of Daniel is a grand tribute to the providence and faithfulness of God. A detailed study of this book will benefit our CityLight people very much.


Textbook/Curriculum           – Rhodes, Ron. 40 Days Through Daniel: Revealing God’s Plan for the Future. Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 2016.  


In Sunday school, we will be translating this book of 40 days into 40 Sundays. Our textbook not only contains the exposition on selected Daniel passages but also Major Themes, Cross References, Life Lessons, and Questions for Reflection and discussions. The textbook will serve as guide and framework. Sunday School teachers will need to expand their presentation of the Book of Daniel in class.


Note: We start our new curriculum in February in order for us to finish the study of the book of John – a carryover from 2016.