Our Missions

The Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island is established by believers of Lord Jesus to build one another with Christ Jesus as our head, to bring people to the Lord, to bear witness for Christ Jesus, to disciple believers, to obey the Commands of Lord Jesus and to honor God.

Statement of Faith

We believe that

  1. the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit is the one and only God.
  2. the universe and all things are created by Him, through Him and are under His control.
  3. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was conceived and born of virgin Mary; He became flesh as human, to bear the sins of mankind, to shed His blood and die on the cross, buried, resurrected on the third day, raised to Heaven after 40 days; He prays for the believers on the right side of God, will return one day to judge the world. Believers shall have everlasting life; non-believers shall be condemned.
  4. the Holy Spirit may inspire, move, comfort, give new life to and help believers to become sanctified and to live a victorious life; He also gives various spiritual gifts to build the church.
  5. the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible are inspired by God; the Holy Scripture is the Word of God and the highest standard for faith and daily life.
  6. human race was created in God’s image, has sinned against God, yet become reconciled with Him through accepting Jesus Christ as Savior, cleansed by the blood of Lord Jesus, and forgiven.
  7. the church is the body of Christ, comprises of believers, with Jesus Christ as our head.

Note: This is an English translation from an original Chinese version of the Constitution and Bylaws of Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island.