Nelson Estrada
Pastor, English Ministy
Pastor Nelson (affectionatly known as PNelly) is the English Church (City Light CityLight) pastor. Mitzie is his wife, they have two daughters, named Karen and Nikki. PNelly likes Hillsong United, John Grisham's novels, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Louie Giglio's influential preaching, and preach on any place where God leads him. His favorite three films are Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Shipping News, and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Pastor Nelson is also a biblical scholar who holds BA, MA, ThM and PhD (PhD) degrees from Sheffield University in the UK.
Enoch Wong
Pastor Wong was born in Hong Kong, graduated from the Hong Kong Overseas Theological Seminary in 1975, and studied at the Hong Kong Broadcasting Theological Seminary and the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Texas) in the United States. Bachelor of Science. Pastor Wong has been in the North Point of Hong Kong Baptist Pasture for 19 years, during which he has been a visiting professor at the Hong Kong Overseas Theological Seminary and the China Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1994, he went to Toronto, Canada for 12 years, on Chinese mission, theological education and Christian ministry. He had participated in Taiwan, South America Ecuador and China for short-term mission, preaching, training and theology education. He has translated dozens of spiritual books and published dozens of articles in theological journals, magazines, newspapers and so on. 2006 to the United States Rhode Island Chinese Christian Church Pastoral so far.
Kevin Yiu
Youth Minister
Kevin Yiu is responsible for CCCRI's youth department. He led the 11:28 youth fellowship and served in the English Church City. He is a New York native who graduated from Gordon-Cornish Theological Seminary. During the seminary, he met his wife, Pang, whom he married at CCCRI and then became the preacher of the church. Kevin and Pang have a energetic daughter, currently in kindergarten. His hobbies and interests include cooking, sports and watching movies.
Pang Yiu
Children's Ministry
Pang has spent most of her life in Rhode Island. After graduating from college, she became a member of the Rhode Island Chinese Christian Church (CCCRI). CCCRI is where she finds herself being called to preach. After working in the medical technology industry for several years, she resigned into the seminary to study. She graduated from the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and received a Master's degree in MDIV. During the seminary she met her husband Kevin Yiu. She is currently the head of the of the CCCRI Lighthouse Kids ministry.
Penny Zacharzyp
Administrative Assistant
She is the administrative assistant of the church. She is from Beijing, China, married to Kenny Zacharzyp. Has worked in books on copyright in China and now helps pastors deal with all kinds of administrative work and participate in many other ministries of the church.
Zi-Liang Zhu
Our beloved brother from Guangzhou, China. Over the years he has not only been responsible for the cleanliness of the entire church, but also for all the church ministry. He is involved in arranging, photographing, recording and afterwards cleaning up for church activities. In addition, he is responsible for the operation of the church sound system.