Major Events at the Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island 1977-2017

3/6/1977               CCCRI established at YMCA, 160 Broadway, Providence, Rhode Island

7/1/1980                Began worship service in East Providence church building.

9/1981                    Chinese School established.

10/30/1988           Adult Sunday School and Youth Fellowship established.

5/7/1989                Enoch Fellowship established. First fellowship of CCCRI.

1/25/1990              Chinese Young Adults Fellowship formed and renamed Joy Fellowship in 1/1992.

7/3/1992                First Church Family Retreat held at Camp Canonicus in Exeter.

5/28/1994              First Church Picnic held at Colt State Park in Bristol.

9/9/1994                Kingston Chinese Christian Fellowship at URI was established.

4/14/1996               First English Sunday Worship service.

1/4/1997                 Caleb Fellowship established to minister to senior citizens.

1/9/1997                 Enoch Fellowship separated into 7 cell groups and became David, Bartholomew, Noah, Peter, Timothy, Ruth, URI fellowships.

6/19/1999               Dedication and Thanksgiving Service for current church building held at 333 Roosevelt Ave, Pawtucket.

4/2000                    Timothy Cell Group renamed Jia-Mei Fellowship.

5/2000                    First Annual Women’s Retreat.

9/2000                    College and Young Adult Fellowship was formed. Rename LIFE Fellowship in 2015.

11/9-10/2002         First Annual Missions Conference (Mission, Passion & Action).

4/13/2006               Restaurant Ministry began.

9/8/2009                 Tuesday Evening Communion Service began.

2/19/2012                Canaan Fellowship established.

9/12/2014                Chinese Christian Joy Fellowship (CCJF) established at JWU.

3/10-3/12/2017     40th Anniversary Celebration with Revival Meeting, Carnival, Thanksgiving Service, and Ordination of Minister Yiu.

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