5/4 (Thursday) 7-8pm|American Prayer Meeting|The Whole Church|Online

5/4 is the National Day of Prayer in the United States. The regular prayer meeting on Tuesday night is moved to 8:00 pm on 5/4.
Pray for the government of this country:

    1. Praise the Lord that we can live in this free country.
    2. Pray to God that the future of this country can maintain a democratic and free system under God’s will.
    3. Pray for the government and those in power, so that they will govern this country with righteousness and integrity, and with a heart that fears God.

Pray for every family:

    1. Pray for harmony and unity in the family.
    2. Pray for God to allow us to use the Bible as the standard to educate our children so that the whole family can be saved.
    3. Pray for the restructuring of the parent-child relationship.
    4. Pray to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

Every brother and sister is encouraged to participate online, Zoom ID: 784580728.

5/6 (Saturday) Cleaning|The Congregation

5/6 is church’s annual cleaning day. Nearly a hundred people participated in the church’s annual cleaning with a united and joy heart. They cleared the weeds in the flower garden and laid fresh sawdust. Brothers and sisters, regardless of fellowship groups, worked together. It’s a great fellowship!

5/14 (Sunday) Mother’s Day|Chinese Church Caring Department

This year, the gift for all moms on Mother’s Day is prepared by Aunt Huang, which is a hand-crocheted corsage/decoration. It took her nearly two months to make more than 150 corsages by herself. After receiving the gifts, many moms immediately put on this beautiful corsage made with love, which is very beautiful.

5/20 (Saturday) Fellowship Ministry Staff Retreat|Chinese Church Fellowship Department

The retreat meeting for the fellowship staffs of the Chinese congregation’s fellowship department was held on May 20 (Saturday) at 9:45-1:00pm in church’s choir room. 25 brothers and sisters from various fellowships of the Chinese church attended the meeting. Pastor Wong gave a special lecture on “regaining strength”. Everyone talked freely together and had a positive discussion on the function, current situation and development of the fellowship.

5/21 (Sunday) CEF Teaching Children to Study the Bible Seminar|Children’s Ministry, New Song Fellowship|Church Choir Room

The church invited teachers from Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) to give a teaching demonstration at 2pm on 5/21 (Sunday). This event is mainly to introduce CEF to us and show how they teach children to study the Bible. There will be more training in the future to help young families with children to help teach the children when they need it (such as fellowship or children’s Sunday).

5/26 (Friday) 6:30 to 7:30 pm|Mission food festival and poetry and music sharing|Church Dinning Hall

Taking the advantage of this long weekend, the mission department specially shared delicious food for the brothers and sisters who participated in the Friday activities. Everyone brought their own special dishes, including Chinese delicacies, Italian famous dishes, and famous Japanese sushi, fried dumplings and soup noodles, plus Malaysian, Indonesian and Southeast Asian tropical curry dishes. Chefs of different ages, from different races and backgrounds, and from different industries have contributed their culinary skills to us. While tasting delicious food, there were poetry and music sharing.