6/3 (Sat)|Caleb Fellowship and Joy Fellowship Joint Fellowship|Chinese Fellowship Department

The Caleb Fellowship and the Joy Fellowship will have joint gatherings and sharing of handmade arts.

6/10 (Sat)|Calligraphy Exchange and Flower Arrangement Demonstration|Mission Department|Church Canteen

6/10 (Sat) at 3:00 p.m., the mission department sincerely invites interested brothers, sisters and friends to participate in the calligraphy exchange at the church, copy the golden verses of the Bible together, practice calligraphy, and appreciate each other; at 5:00 p.m., Sister Wendy will learn The ikebana congregation briefly teaches the basics of flower arranging.

6/11 (Sun)|Chinese School Closing Ceremony

to be continued …

6/18 (Sun)|Father’s Day and Baptism

to be continued …

6/24 (Sun) Joint Gathering of Jiamei Fellowship and Xinge Joyful Fellowship, Colt State Park

to be continued …